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MAX() in an InterBase query delivers the smallest value


I run the following query (see box below) and it returns the expected results.
Then I want to retrieve only the max() value and it returns the smallest value instead. Why is that?


I looked into the problem and suspected that the ID field 'units_scenarios_id' is not a numerical field. Indeed it was defined as a varchar().
You can add +0 to force Interbase to treat it as a number or do a clean type cast as shown below:

select max(cast(FIELDNAME as integer))

/* this query returns 4 rows - proper results */
 select u2.units_scenarios_id
 from units_scenarios u1, units_scenarios u2
 where u1.units_scenarios_id = 1971547
 and u2.unit_id = u1.unit_id
 and u2.units_scenarios_id <> u1.units_scenarios_id
 -->  result set:
 /* --- now just retrieve the max() one:   */
 select max(u2.units_scenarios_id)
 --->  result set:
 /* SOLUTION: turns out that units_scenarios_id is varchar(32) */
 select max(u2.units_scenarios_id+0)
 /* or this one - cleaner with a CAST */
 select max(cast(u2.units_scenarios_id as integer))
 --->  result set:

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