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Tricks how to deal with Microsoft SQL Server (MS-SQL).


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Renaming a machine running Microsoft SQL Server?

If you are running SQL Server 7.0, after renaming the SQL Server machine, the SQL Server service will fail to start, with an error message

"Your installation was corrupted or had been tampered with"
To get around this problem, you have to rerun the SQL Server setup. Setup will prompt you to upgrade. After doing so, the necessary SQL Server registry entries will be reset with the new computer name. Now you will be able to start SQL Server. After restarting, use Query Analyzer to run the following commands:

EXEC sp_dropserver 'Your_OLD_Computer_Name'

EXEC sp_addserver 'Your_NEW_Computer_Name', 'local'

Restart your SQL Server service. Connect using Query Analyzer and run the following command (It should output the new server name):


If you are running SQL Server 2000, the new name is recognized, the next time SQL Server service starts. You don't have to rerun the setup. However, you have to run the sp_dropserver and sp_addserver stored procedure as shown above.

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