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Dating scammer Galina Cheremkhovo near Irkutzk, Russia


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Name: Galina
Address: Chekhova 16 street, flat 3.
City: Cheremkhovo near Irkutzk, Russia

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2008-02-08, 18:50:02
d-dave from United States  
oh my sweet little Alena Chufelina has only asked for $900 so far. LOL. adress she used on me was where do i go from here to prolong this magic? Before I fire off the f you letter in Russian to her i would like to raise the hopes of this scammer and eat up some of their time....I'm bored as hell any suggestions?
2008-02-18, 09:51:30
anonymous from United States  
Hello again, My Galina is alive and can't fly to me because she has no money. I gave her some advice on what she could do. I hope she finds it useful.

Hello My Loved xxxxxxx!!!
My Darling, My Loved xxxxxx, I am glad that you have written to me. My
Loved xxxxxxx, I do not know that to me do, I do not have money that
buy the ticket aboard the plane and arrive to you because it there are
1487 dollars, but I do not have such huge money. Mine Jerome, what to
me do, tell to me??? I Love you xxxxxx, I with impatience shall wait
from you for the answer.
You Loved Galina.

Here is my reply!!

My Beautiful Galina,
You should hold a rummage sale! In America we take some of our belongings and put them on tables and price them for sale. We then put out a sign and let the neighbors know that they can come in and buy our used belongings. You would not believe how much you can make with this system. This will also show me that you don't intend to stay in Russia, since when you leave there is no longer a need for those belongings. That three piece leather couch should bring in quite a nice price. Let me know how the sale goes, for I can't wait to here how you did with this in Russia.

Your ever loving xxxxxx.

She also loves to cook, maybe I'll suggest a bake sale tomorrow!
I'm sending another photo of her also. Some of you might recognize the couch when she was a blond, and forgot to get dressed.

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2008-03-07, 13:25:02
anonymous from United States  
Hello all, It's been awhile and I'm still having fun. I have my Galina scrambling for the second time to get to me before I leave for Daytona next week. She requested money for papers and I told her I arranged to pay for everything through Global Visas on my credit card. All she has to do is contact them and they will arrange everything. Now today I didn't receive a letter. She did give me her last name finally after two months of asking, which is used here quite often.
I also have Liliya from Piganka, which is actually Pizhanka in a remote region in Kirov. Population of 4022 people and yet it supposedly has a hospital that she works at, and there are no hotels within 100 miles of her. She has been no help in me finding a hotel to stay at when I come to see her, it is like she doesn't live there to know a small guesthause that I could stay at. I'm attaching a picture of Liliya and her e-mail is , She was from with my non-existant profile.
Also check out the pants, what club affiliation does she have?

2008-03-09, 18:18:36
anonymous from United States  
Hello All,
I didn't receive a letter from Galina so I finally sent her the Russian letter with photo. I'm going to miss those letters, But now my sweet Liliya had promised to fly to me and wrote back on how bad she feels because she can not afford to keep her promise. I guess it is time for a bake sale! I just contacted two suspicious profiles, will add their e-mails here if they end up fitting the scam profile. Also adding a photo of Liliya.

2008-03-12, 22:47:06
anonymous from United States  
Well I have been e-mailing Galina for a month and it looks like her sister went to meet her new husband in Turkey.{again} Galina Tihonova is the name she/he used and now said can not come up with huge money to come to me so I checked out travel agency she/he gave me [] they say they only take cash no credit cards HAHA good one I think I will have fun with this one for awhile because she/he used up some of my time now I will make them run around for no money sent. She/he also told me they could get a passport in 2-3 days. good one. Mike, USA
2008-03-17, 03:44:11
anonymous from Slovak Republic  
IP :

Olenka_Milaya <

Hello ! Again it is pleasant for me to see your letter, it means I
could though that that to achieve in our dialogue. Probably it is
interesting to you why I nevertheless have decided to try to
correspond under the Internet with the man from other country. I am
really tired from roughness, tired from that that sex is necessary for
Russian men from me only, and they do not want to have with me serious
attitudes. I and earlier heard that many Russian girls marry the
foreigner as men from your country kinder, are more sociable and well
concern to girls. And these girls live very happily. For it I also
have decided to test the happiness in the Internet. I hope that we can
understand each other and can find common language))) I Understand
that my English is far from perfect, but I hope that my knowledge of
English enough that we might communicate with you. I hope that during
our dialogue I can learn English better. I try to write to you of the
letter itself, but sometimes I do not know some words and consequently
I use the electronic translator slightly. I hope that our dialogue
will allow me to exclude it. I shall be glad if our correspondence
will not tear off. I work in Firm which am engaged in construction,
buildings and prepare the areas for construction of buildings. At me
the certain post, I the manager, accept decisions on attraction of the
capital in ours firm, on selling activity of our firm and so on,
likely it is not so interesting. To like me my work, and due to this
work I have achieved much and could live well. The economy of our
country is not so favourable to simple workers. At us that is
impossible to grow rich working on whom.))) with your letter I would
like to see your photo as on a photo it is possible to learn much
about the person. I very much regret, but I should finish the letter.
Also again I hope to receive from you the letter and to answer it
again))))) Olga

2008-12-02, 20:28:49
anonymous from United States  
Marina 81 Novocheboksarsk

I started to really believe her and had feelings of love, but I was a fool. Not foolish enough to sent her money though. An expert at the proverbial shuck and jive.

2008-12-13, 14:54:25
[hidden] from Toronto, Canada  
Hi Everyone,
I'm Bill from Vancouver. I think I've picked up on one from Angarsk as well. Her name is Trukhina Dariya, so she says. Hot, foxy little blonde. Says she's a dancer and dance instructor wanting to come to wherever I live in the world to live, work, and yada-yada.
She's 25 years old, born on December 25th.
So far, no love letters. Perhaps that's because I haven't done or said anything that would indicate havin g any such interest.
I haven't found her photo on this site yet, but the setup is perfect. She drop dead gorgeous, dressed to give any guy wet dreams, and even the horse photos look way too familiar to those I've see on this site.
She also looking for a soulmate to love her, look after her, and create a loving family with her.
When I responded to her initial letter, which didn't come from a Dating Site, because I'm never ever on them, so I'm still mystified as to how she even got my email address, I told her straight up that I'm 55 on the 22nd of December, single again, have a 14 year old son living with my ex and her husband, and that age is important to me. She's young enough to be my own daughter, and sorry, I don't have those fantasies.
This, and other information that would clearly tell anyone I'm not really interested in a romantic relationship with someone of her age seems to have sailed right over her head.
Since she can't recieve phone calls in Angarsk, Russia, and goes to an internet cafe because she doesn't own a computer, she'll have to wait until she gets to Moscow in a few days to contact me. She can't wait to hear my voice.
I wanna know how she's going to do that with no phone number in her possession.
She even liked my photos, 90% of which were nature scenes. I'm a camp and hiking freak, and I can see this girl getting out of the car or the freeway, never mind out into the bush aound a camp fire.
The photos of me? Well guys, I'm 55 and look it. How I can be good looking and handsome to someone like this is beyond me. She's so hot to look at I don't even dare to dream about her. It'd keep me awake all night long.
I'm going to play this little game out and see what happens. Should be interesting.
I'll keep you all posted.
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2008-12-13, 17:45:10   (updated: 2008-12-13, 17:45:31)
That girls photos have been used many times in the past by diffeerent scammers!



2008-12-19, 19:43:13
anonymous from United States  
Galina (Galya),

Received: from localhost (unknown [])
(Authenticated sender:
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.5.25) Professional
Reply-To: Galina <

IP address
Hostname     Not available
ISP     ZAO Company ER-Telecom Yoshkar-Ola
Country     Russian Federation

2008-12-26, 17:41:08
anonymous from Mexico  
hola es diciembre y me akava de contactar la persona que se hace pasar por galina gracias por tener este sitio web si no quien sabe como me hubiera ido graciassorry for spanish no english from my sorry this is a picture from the person wo was gonna scam mi but she not doit thak you for your help

2009-02-05, 14:04:53
anonymous from Morocco  
2009-02-14, 15:45:25   (updated: 2009-02-14, 15:55:11)
anonymous from United States  
Anyone seen this or hear of her? She started writing me right after anastasiya played her game with trying to get money! The funny thing is the letters are almost the same except for name inserts, ect, same family problems, want to come to the us, but some good pics sometimes. This site is the bomb but also checkout cl, craigs list, lots of scams there as well!Me in Sochi.jpg
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2009-02-14, 16:17:12
OJAS from United States  
US 2009-02-14, 15:45:25 (updated: 2009-02-14, 15:55:11), After seeing the pages on this thread, http://www.delphifa..53#124003
Visit http://moscow.usemb..cams.html
and http://www.dailymai..ge_id=1879
2009-03-01, 00:14:20
anonymous from United States  
yep mine, named Miss Kseniya (, just left for moscow. I wish women really fell in love with guys that they dont know in a week like this.

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