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Error message "GnuPG has not been setup on your account"


I call gpg from a CGI script and it does report:

"GnuPG has not been setup on your account. Use the form below to create a new GnuPG private key, which you will need for encryption and signing."

In fact, I created several keys already from the command line. If I type
gpg --list-keys

it will show me these keys. Issuing the same command from the CGI script returns no output. My web server runs as root, I run webmin's miniserver.


Try issuing gpg --help from your CGI code. I did this and it reported ~/.gnupg to be the home directory.
This is valid from the command line where the ~ gets expanded properly but does not work in the CGI environment.
To enumerate keys in your CGI code, add the parameter to explicitely set the home directory, without using the ~ character, as shown below.

The code shown here will force gpg to use one central repository, independent from the current login/ current remote user name.

$cmd = "$gpgpath  --homedir /home/myname/.gnupg/ --list-keys";
 $answer = `$cmd`;

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