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My web browser translates any word at the mouse cursor into Spanish


When I move my mouse inside my web browser over any (English) word, after about a second, a little tooltip window pops up and shows the Spanish translations. At first I thought that popup might be useful but now I feel it slows me down and I want to get rid of id and I cannot find an uninstall option. I don't even remember how I got this functionality. Here is a picture how it translates the word "solution" from Google's home page into Spanish.


You appear to have the Google Toolbar installed. In recent versions, the Google Toolbar has an option to translate the marked word into a previously selected target language. You can disable that feature by clicking on menu item "Options" after clicking on the "Google" button in your Google Toolbar.
Under Productivity, uncheck the "Translation" option.
It offers translation only from English into a small number of target languages. I did not see if offering translation of Spanish pages into German, for example.

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